Action Jackson Gambling Diaries Vol. 6: In TomBox We Trust

February 17, 2021by Action Jackson0
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Action Jackson Gambling Diaries Vol. 6: In TomBox We Trust

Action Jackson Gambling Diaries Vol. 6: In TomBox We Trust - TomBox Algorithm Picks: Damian Lillard vs. Al Hordord & Isaiah Roby - Portland Trail Blazers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

We are so goddamn back. After weeks of up-and-down performance, we had a hot streak like you read about, and it’s time to celebrate responsibly. Currently, we’re up the highest that we’ve been since the start of the diaries, and who do we have to thank? The TomBox sports betting algorithm!

Beginning Balance: 15 Units

Last Week’s Balance: 24.5 Units

This Week’s Balance: 32.5 Units

Total Performance: +17.5 Units

Action Jackson Scale: Treat Myself Because I Deserve It

This week, after a long month of saving money by cooking dinner every single night like a peasant, we are treating ourselves to Seamless at least 3 times, plus maybe even an upgrade to Hulu without the ads. This is the official #3 highest spot on the scale. And we are rapidly approaching “Book a Trip to the Bahamas” territory. If we continue at this rate, we’ll be there soon. Don’t worry, my friends!

[caption id="attachment_15833" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Me after Trusting the Numbers and Trusting the TomBox Sports Betting Algorithm this week Me after trusting the numbers this week[/caption]

Trusting the TomBox Algorithm

NBA and College Basketball Betting: +8 Units Total

Normally, I’m not a man who trusts “numbers” or “computers” or “making research-based decisions," really. I’m generally a big believer in the power of superstition and appeasing the gambling gods through a series of rituals and good luck charms. I covered this in-depth a few months ago, but there are three key components that are essential to making sure I have luck on my side at all times:

  1. Lucky Charms (old Jets t-shirt or being in the same room as my friend Joe and making sure I bet against him)
  2. Superstitions (my most effective is leaving the volume on either 41 or 43)
  3. Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals (good vibes are mandatory)

However, after this week, I have decided to stop relying exclusively on fool-proof magic and back up my picks with the cold hard data of the TomBox sports betting algorithm. Basically, this bad boy will crunch data from a massive range of sources, run thousands of simulations, and then identify and analyze patterns based on those simulations. It spits out insights and predictions for sporting events every single night with startling accuracy. And for some reason, The Odds Factory is offering it for free! (This will change once I win enough bets to buy the site. Mark my words.)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Odds Factory Giving Away the TomBox Sports Betting Algorithm for Free! The Odds Factory giving away this incredible resource for free[/caption]

Last Week's NBA Predictions From the TomBox Algorithm

I’ll give you an example to show you how to read the data. Let’s take last night’s Portland vs. OKC matchup.

The books had the line set at POR -5. But TomBox was predicting a final score of 120.5 to 108.5. Now, obviously, you can’t score half a point in basketball, but the algorithm is predicting a margin of victory of 12 points by Portland. That’s more than double what the books are saying, so I put 2 units on it and doubled my money.

However, if we look at the TomBox algorithm prediction for the Denver vs. Boston matchup, it predicted a final score of Denver 107.7 – Boston 107.3. Again, those aren’t whole numbers, but it’s essentially calling this a toss-up. And with the spread being set at Boston -2, the variance is too small to rely on. I stayed away from that spread bet but leaned on Under 222 since the final predicted score (215) was a full 7 points off. I made another 2 units for my troubles.

Do the Research... or Sign Up for Our Newsletter

Now, another obvious disclaimer – this is of course not 100% accurate all the time. Human beings are playing a game with a bouncy ball. Weird shit can happen. But, if you do your research and dig through each game to find discrepancies between the lines and the simulations, you have another data point to help you make your bets.

Or if you’re lazy, just sign up for our email newsletter with the top TomBox picks for NBA, NCAAM, and NHL games provided by our resident TomBox expert, Shlomo Sprung (11-3 in the past two weeks). It’s extremely useful for picking the games, as well as player props (it also predicts stats for each individual player.) Honestly, do it ASAP while it’s still free before I keep on winning, buy The Odds Factory, and charge everyone a billion dollars to use it.

Last week, I didn’t make a single bet without checking the TomBox first, for both NBA and College Basketball, and boy oh boy did it pay off. I went 12-7 and made off like a bandit. Sports gambling is honestly easy and I don’t know why more people don’t do it.

The Week Ahead

We’re going to keep riding the TomBox sports betting algorithm for basketball action and continue dipping our toes in college basketball. Out of respect to the GOAT Serena Williams, I’ll be putting some action on her tonight in the Australian Open Semis against Naomi Osaka and hoping my run of betting on aging legends continues (looking at you, Tom Brady). Hopefully, she doesn’t have a repeat of their matchup in 2018:


Anthony George has been telling me to start betting soccer and leaning on the “draw no bets,” but I’m a little apprehensive. If the TomBox algorithm starts doing me dirty and I get desperate, I might consider it. But I’m praying that won’t be the case. I have a trip to the Bahamas to fund.

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