This Week’s Top Promotions For Arizona Bettors

November 16, 2021by Action Jackson0
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This Week’s Top Promotions For Arizona Bettors

This Week’s Top Promotions For Arizona Bettors For 11/16/2021: Dwight Howard & LeBron James vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Los Angeles Lakers @ Milwaukee Bucks
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We’re heading into the holiday season, which means one thing – you’re about to blow a ton of money on Christmas gifts for your family, friends, and that girl you think you have a shot with but only looks at you as a friend. Sure, you could do the responsible thing and “save your money,” but that’s pretty lame.  The smart thing to do is make a ton of money gambling these next few weeks and then treat everyone you know. And the best way to do that is by using promotions and odds boosts that the books are just giving away every week. 

As always, your good friend Action Jackson does the work so you don’t have to. Let’s get into this week’s top promotions, focused on my favorite state to bet in, Arizona. 

Top Promotions for Arizona Bettors 

This Week’s Best Caesar Promos 

Bet $100, Get a $100 Mastercard Gift Card

Promo: Sign up today with Caesars, bet $100, and get a $100 digital Mastercard Gift Card 

If you’re not signed up for Caesars, I have one simple question – what in the goddam hell is wrong with you? When it comes to promotions and line or odds boosts, Caesars is my top book in the game right now for Arizona. The UX is incredible, live betting is a breeze, and they have action on pretty much any sport you’d want.  If that didn’t convince you, they’re offering this insane deal where you place $100 in bets and get $100 back in cold hard cash (not really cash, but a Mastercard gift card is basically the same thing). You literally cannot lose. 

Plus, when you sign up through us, you’ll get an additional bonus of up to $5,000 in risk-free first bets. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. 

Profits for the People  

Promo: Bet the NBA action on 11/16 and receive a free 50% profit boost to use for any game

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is opt-in, place a bet on any NBA game tonight (up to $50) and get a 50% profit boost for your winnings. Instead of flying blind, check out our resident NBA sharp Mike O’Connor’s picks for tonight’s action. He’s an absurd 15-8 so far this year and riding an absolute hot streak. If you don’t ride with him, you’re straight up leaving money on the table. And that’s not your style man. 
Sign up for this deal, toss a unit of this bad boy, and turn your boring Tuesday night into a fat little payday to blow on college football this weekend.

Caesars Sportsbook RF5000 - 936x114

3-Pointer Paradise: $3 for Every 3-Pointer Made by Both Teams 

Promo: Bet at least $25 on the Moneyline of Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers. Win or lose, get $3 for every three-pointer scored by either team 

This is about as can’t lose as it comes. No matter the outcome of your bet, you’ll be racking up free bet dollars for either team. While the Lakers aren’t incredible from beyond the arc (just under 12 threes a game), the Bucks can shoot the lights out when the night is right and average nearly 15 threes a game. Let’s put it this way – if these two teams have an AVERAGE night shooting the ball, you’re walking away with $81 in free bets. And that’s before your bet hits tonight. (Hammer the Bucks. Lakers are trash.) 

Opt-in for this bad boy, and laugh your way to the bank tonight. 

This Week’s Best BetMGM Promos 

Lion’s Boost: Kevin Durant to Score 30+ Points and Nets to Win 

Odds Boost: KD to score 30+ points and the Nets to win outright against the Warriors tonight (boosted from +190 to +230) 

Right now, the books have this game as basically a toss-up (Warriors are favored by 0.5 points) but I have a feeling this is the game the Nets really start to gel. They’ve won three straight against okay competition. But expect KD to have a big night against his old squad and lead them to victory. At +230 odds, you’d be crazy to turn this down. 

PointsBet - Deposit Bonus Up to $250

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