The NBA Is Back and we're going to Disney World

The NBA Is Returning…and We’re Going to Disney World!

June 5, 2020by Jake Meltzer1

The NBA Is Returning…and We’re Going to Disney World!

NBA Is Back and Disney World
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Let me first start this off by saying that Adam Silver is, by far, the best professional sports commissioner that I've seen in my lifetime. The man has dealt with more controversial issues in his first years as the NBA's leader. And he has shown no signs of weakness under any circumstance. He continued to add to his legacy throughout the NBA's successful attempt to return from their COVID hiatus. The NBA will officially return on July 31st, and the games will be played at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The Plan

Okay, enough with the crap. The NBA is f***** back fellas and ladies! Betting on the NBA is back. Live sports are coming back. The NBA Board of Governors recently approved a plan to allow 22 NBA teams to finish off the season at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Yes, the NBA champion will be crowned at the same place that my parents took me to tell me that they were getting divorced. The format is one that we have never seen before, but this is going to be entertaining.


Here's the gist:

  1. 22 NBA Teams were selected to participate: 8 playoff teams from the East, 8 from the West, and an additional 6 teams (1 Eastern Conference team, 5 Western). They will try to fight their way (or maintain) their playoff spot over the last eight regular-season games.
  2. The seeding will remain the same as it was when the season concluded after Rudy Gobert decided it was a good idea to give a bunch of microphones a rubdown. Each team will play a remaining 8 regular-season games, with the hopes that some of the teams that are on the bubble can work their way in. I call this one the Zion rule. This isn't the first time the NBA has helped the Pelicans...but whatever. Anything that has any relation to Duke is sketchy.
  3. Once those games are concluded, the playoffs will continue as planned. However, if the 9th seed finishes the season within four games of the 8th seed, they will compete in a tournament for the final playoff spot. This will be a double-elimination tournament for the 8th seed. While the 9th seed only has one chance to win to make the playoffs. This might sound a little confusing. Here's an example: Imagine if the 9th seed were to finish within four games of the current 8th seed in the Western Conference. Those two teams would essentially play one or two play-in games for that last playoff spot. The 8th seed has an advantage. So the 8th seed just has to beat the 9th seed one time and they're in. The 9th seed would have to win two games. (Hence the double-elimination tournament title.)

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Safety Precautions

  1. All games will take place in a "bubble" arena. The NBA will try to limit back-to-back games when making the schedule.
  2. The NBA plans to test all players and personnel daily if they enter the "bubble" where the basketball court is located.
  3. Players can play golf and eat at Walt Disney restaurants, as long as they maintain social distancing.

Here is a graphic of the current NBA Seeding:

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You heard it here, folks. The NBA is back. They still have to negotiate contracts, guarantees, salary cap changes, and many other speed bumps that will make for an interesting off-season. Unlike Manfred and the MLB owners, Silver and the league showed that they wanted to provide their fans with basketball in the safest way possible. He did just that. Start saving up because come July 31, you'll need some parlay money. You definitely will need some beer money for when none of your picks hit. But hey...the NBA is back and we're going to Disney World. Life is getting better.

Basketball is back. The only difference is when the MVP of the Finals gets interviewed and asked where he's going next, his answer will be along the lines of "I'm getting the hell outta Disney World."

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  • Clyde

    June 5, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Funny as hell. Great job with the facts. Great read.


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