No Value in the World Series

September 27, 2019by Doc Greenfield0
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No Value in the World Series

No Value in the World Series
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The Odds Factory algorithm has just finished crunching endless megabits of data and concluded that there are truly no value bets in the World Series. Every bookmaker here in the good old USA is offering odds under what we think would be fair market value. I understand someone has to pay for the lights and the licenses and the salaries, but it ain’t gonna be me.

Below I’ve posted the payouts being offered by the bookies on a team to win the World Series, then the percentage chance our algorithm thinks a team has to win the World Series, and finally the true odds a team should be getting based on our algorithm's analysis.

If you are going to place a wager in the fall classic, the best “values” out there are the Yankees, Cardinals, Twins, Nationals, and A’s. The worst “values” are the Braves and the Brew Crew.

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Team Bookie Odds Algorithm Win % True Odds
Astros 2.33 to 1 25% 4 to 1
Dodgers 2.75 to 1 20% 5 to 1
Yankees 4 to 1 20% 5 to 1
Braves 6.50 to 1 7% 14 to 1
Cardinals 12 to 1 7% 14 to 1
Twins 18 to 1 5% 20 to 1
Athletics 22 to 1 4% 25 to 1
Brewers 20 to 1 2% 50 to 1
Nationals 22 to 1 4% 25 to 1
Rays 28 to 1 3% 33 to 1
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