Which Sports Can I Gamble On Post-COVID?

May 20, 2020by Jake Meltzer0
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Which Sports Can I Gamble On Post-COVID?

Sports Gambling post Covid

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It’s been almost three months since the Jazz vs. Thunder game at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City was postponed after Utah Jazz defensive star, Rudy Gobert, became one of the first known athletes to test positive for COVID-19. Since then, essentially every sport has canceled or suspended its seasons. This has left sports bettors all over the world with a huge void in their lives. No March Madness. Definitely no MLB. No NHL. And no NBA. For sports bettors everywhere, not only did this make a dent in their pocket, but it took away one of the great activities that fueled their lives: wagering on sports. As we’ve made efforts as a country to progress through COVID, many of us were forced to realize that our lives could change forever.

However, I have good news. Sports are slowly coming back, which means you can now bet on them again. You won’t be placing your regular three-team MLB parlay in the middle of the summer. But gamblers everywhere are thrilled at the idea that they can finally win (or potentially lose) money on sporting events again. Let’s take a dive into the sports that you can bet on. Sites like PointsBet and BetMGM have done their best to add lines for newly popular sports like darts and Korean Baseball, so we’ll break down some of the top sports to bet on right now and in the upcoming month.


Rory took home the trophy in this weekend’s PGA Skin match and golf is back more than ever. The PGA, LPGA, and European tours have come together to reschedule the slew of golfing matches that had to be postponed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Golf is genuinely a hard sport to bet on in general. Try playing 9 holes and you’ll understand why, but by all means, get your wallets ready because golf is back. Check your local sportsbook, as I’m sure these huge betting companies are going to try and create every line and prop under the sun to make up for their loss over the last couple of months.

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The cars might not be able to follow that whole “6-Feet-Apart” rule, but NASCAR officially kicked off last weekend for the first time in over two months. There were no fans in the crowd. But you can guarantee sports bettors will know A LOT more about NASCAR by the end of this month. There are only so few sports to wager on. Sportsbooks have been offering straight-up moneylines on winners, props, and more. The race on May 17th was just one of seven races scheduled to take place over the next two weeks. So get ready to make some money.


‘Nough said. Place your bets.

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Korean Baseball/Chinese Professional Baseball League

Bat flips, contact-less celebrations, and blow-up sex dolls in the stands posing as fans: Korean and Japanese baseball made their debut on American television and in a lot of sportsbooks last week. The KBO and CPBL have successfully been playing games for over a week now and it has been exhilarating to have live baseball back.

Considering these games occur between the hours of 1 and 6 AM, this seems more like the kind of bet that you put in before you sleep and just pray in your dreams that it hits. However, fans no longer have to wonder which game from the 1980s MLB Network will be playing that day. Because baseball is back in Korea and Japan. Oh, and you can bet on it just like you would bet on any MLB game...aside from the fact that you might not be able to pronounce many of the player’s names.


Goalaso! Goalaso! Goalasooo! Germany’s Bundesliga league has resumed their games, for the time being, but with some heavy restrictions. Like other professionals, this will be the first time that these German soccer players will be taking the field in over two months. The regulations are similar to other leagues in terms of fans. No spectators are allowed in the stadium aside from players and staff.

However, soccer is back on your sportsbook and will be for the entire summer. It’s going to take disinfecting balls (soccer balls), extra COVID tests, and more space between players on the benches. But soccer is back. South Korea’s soccer league has kicked off as well. And we expect other countries to also slowly allow players back on the field. Teams in America have already started to open their practice facilities. There are no current starting dates for Italian and Spanish leagues; however, sportsbooks everywhere are taking advantage of the fact that people are dying to gamble on games. This is certainly a step-up from darts and Sri Lankan Cricket.


Just when you thought that there was no possible way to be in a worse financial situation, gambling on sports is back! I’m joking. If you listen to The Odds Factory, we’ll make you the money. UFC will be returning as well, so expect Dana White’s guys to be listed on your local sportsbook as well.

We might have to wait a little longer than we wished to see the intensity of the NBA Playoffs or the love of the game that so many people in this world have for the MLB, but the idea of these sports organizations opening up with restrictions is the first sign that we’re close to returning to normalcy. I’m not recommending that you bet your mortgage on who is going to finish in 3rd place in this week’s NASCAR event…but you can. This sports-less world that we have been living in will soon be history. Get your betting account setup, because wagering on sports is now a thing again.

My fellow degenerates, I will keep you updated.

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