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Bubba Watson - IMG ARENA

The pros hit 3.2 million shots annually on the PGA tour, and now you can bet on every one of them with the most exciting to happen to golf since Tiger Woods joined the tour, IMG ARENA.

IMG Arena is a spectacular new betting platform from creator IMG in a partnership with both the PGA tour of America and the European PGA tour that allows you to bet on every shot.

Watching Golf Is Now Exciting

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re laying on your couch after shooting an exasperating 92. On the TV, Bubba Watson stands over a putt 17 feet from the hole. You glance down at your phone, hit the app, and see that Bubba is 4-1 to make the 17-footer. You’ve always been a Bubba fan, so you say “what the hey,” and you tap your phone and throw down twenty bucks for Bubba to drain the putt at 4-1.

Bubba swings his putter, and you follow the ball as it slowly dribbles its way to the cup, stops on the lip, and then tumbles into the hole. You let out a mighty roar and jump from the couch with a fist pump. Watching golf has never been this exciting or fun.

The Gentleman's Game Brought into the 21st Century

The product took over a year to develop and is driven by an endless stream of data that will not just be used for betting purposes but will also be the prime data source used by both PGA tours.

A trained scoring team will use GPS technology, connectivity systems, and greenside cameras to collect data from every shot in the Tour competition. IMG Arena says successful trials have been completed during 2019, and the product is ready for rollout here in 2020.

IMG and the tours have also taken extensive measures to make sure that the integrity of the gentlemen’s game couldn’t be called into question. The Tour’s Golf Integrity Unit compares real-time odds movements from global betting markets with predictive algorithms, providing automatic alerts for any irregular activity.

I for one have never been a watcher of golf outside of the majors, but now that you can bet on every hole and every shot, I might just be tuning in for the John Deere Classic this year.

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