Should We Take Jake and Logan Paul Seriously as Boxers?

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Should We Take Jake and Logan Paul Seriously as Boxers?

Should We Take Jake and Logan Paul Seriously as Boxers?
I didn’t want to write about Jake or Logan Paul. But Logan Paul’s upcoming match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. has put the Pauls back in the spotlight. They both got into boxing by challenging another YouTube duo to an amateur boxing match. They lost, but only barely. Ever since then, both Paul brothers have gotten more involved in boxing. Logan Paul’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight will be the most high-profile match yet. But Jake Paul has a much stronger record as a boxer. Here’s how seriously to take the Paul brothers when you see odds on them.

How Jake And Logan Paul Became Boxers

Jake and Logan Paul expanded from YouTubing to boxing because of a YouTube challenge. A rival YouTuber, KSI, tweeted that he’d fight anyone, including the Pauls. KSI had already won a boxing match against another YouTuber, so he was coming off what for him was a great win. After trading insults, the Pauls agreed to a fight. Logan Paul boxed KSI, and Jake Paul boxed Deji, who was KSI’s younger brother. The fight ended in a majority draw. The eventual rematch ended in KSI winning. However, that first match was all it took to get the Pauls into boxing.

How Good Are The Paul Brothers?

Bettors may be tempted to write both Paul brothers off as YouTube losers with little to contribute to the real world. Tempting as it is, smart bettors must resist that snap judgment. Jake Paul is a strong boxer in his amateur division. Logan Paul is a weaker boxer than his brother, and it shows in his record. It also shows in his reach of a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Jake Paul

While Logan Paul and KSI were the headliners of the first YouTube boxing match, Jake Paul versus Deji was a much better fight for the Pauls. Jake Paul beat Deji in the fifth round of their match with a technical knockout. After that, Jake Paul had three professional boxing matches against: Jake Paul won all three matches. He won his fight against Nate Robinson with a knockout. He won the other two with technical knockouts. Bettors will notice that all three were either transitioning into or returning to boxing. (Ben Askren was a kickboxer, which is a close cousin to boxing, but incorporates kicks in a way that boxing doesn’t – in case you didn’t get it from the name.) Jake Paul is strong against boxers of a certain caliber. These are people who may compete in a professional league, but who aren’t at the top of their game. Some analysts believe that he is improving, and his win over Ben Askren is a critical milestone for him. Whether he climbs the ladder of boxing opponents to become a serious professional boxer remains to be seen. However, he is miles ahead of his older brother.

Logan Paul

While Jake Paul has three wins under his belt – four if you count the Deji knockout – Logan Paul has no wins. His first match against KSI ended in a majority draw, and the rematch ended in a split decision victory for KSI. It was close, but Logan Paul couldn’t quite overpower KSI in either fight. That makes Logan’s choice to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. puzzling. The most likely explanation is money and publicity. Both Paul brothers have run afoul of YouTube’s content rules. The most infamous incident was Logan Paul’s video showing a man who’d hung himself in Japan’s infamous suicide forest. Both brothers have managed to reclaim their YouTube empires. They have millions of subscribers, and they both love the limelight. This event will promise massive exposure for Logan Paul. But it’ll pull a lot of money in, too. Sports bettors will be looking to make easy money by betting on Mayweather. It’ll draw the Pauls’ YouTube crowds and boxing fans who want to see Logan pummeled by the most famous undefeated boxer alive today. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has defeated Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, and many other big names. Logan Paul got one tie and one loss. It’s not looking good for him. His weight and height won’t make him the next big upset.

Jake Has A Future, But Logan Doesn’t

Jake Paul’s victory over Ben Askren marked an important moment in his boxing career. It was a win over a former champion that could push his boxing career forward. Logan Paul has no such accomplishment, but he’s taking on a fight that his more talented younger brother couldn’t win. Bettors don’t have to take Logan Paul seriously when odds on him come up. However, bettors do have to pay attention to Jake Paul. He’s proven himself against the lower rung of professional boxers and a former champion fighter. However, that former champion fighter was from a different sport. We’ll have to see how he does against career boxers who are currently active. They’ll test his potential for a boxing career. He probably won’t go against a star boxer anytime soon. For his countless personal flaws, he seems to be taking boxing seriously. Logan seems to be chasing views and easy publicity money. And now that I’m done writing about the Pauls, I’m going to recover and go read a book.

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