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COVID Nuts-Teen

COVID Nuts-Teen: College Football in the Age of COVID-19

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This Is Nuts

I want to say upfront that I love college football. I have gone on road trips and seen games at many of the mega stadiums. I’ve watched the game religiously since about the age of 4. And I actually enjoy college football more than the NFL in most cases.

So even with me wearing my heart on my sleeve about how much I love the college game, I have one thing to say to the kids that are planning to suit-up in the ACC, SEC, and Big 12... ARE YOU NUTS? Don’t you know you are blatantly just pawns that are being thrown out onto the fields to make other people money? I know anyone with half a brain has known this for like forever, but what is going on now is just wildly, blatantly over-the-top.

All the other sports that don’t make big bucks for schools have been canceled because it’s too dangerous. But it’s okay to play football. They’ve canceled golf and tennis and cross-country running, sports that are built for social distancing. But they’re keeping football, the sport with, by far, the most amount of people involved and the sport with, by far, the most human contact in close quarters. The NCAA’s own medical team is saying that they shouldn’t be playing football. So you tell me why in the world are they playing, other than the money, of which these kids get ZERO?

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Personal Experience

I was one of the early people to get COVID-19 back in March. To be honest, I will tell you that my personal experience was not all that horrible. I was sick for a good two weeks. I had a fever, less than no energy, and I lost 8-10 pounds. And I eventually got better, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my cardio has not been the same since it happened. When playing sports now, I experience a shortness of breath that I never would have reached before I got sick. Many research reports have talked about diminished lung capacity from contracting COVID-19. And I for one have experienced this first hand.

These kids that are playing in the Big 3 conferences have dreamt of playing in the NFL their entire lives. In many cases, these dreams aren’t just about playing but creating financial security for themselves and for their families. Do you risk all that so your coach can continue to get his 5 million dollar salary or so that the networks can have programming on Saturdays?

If they play the games – I’m not going to lie – I’m gonna watch the games. But if you ask me if it makes sense to put these kids' health in danger while you’ve shut down all other sports, I would say it’s 100% nuts.

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