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Mobile Sports Betting: Colorado


Colorado has continued their trend in being one of the more…let’s call it “modernized” states in America. I think Colorado is an incredible sight to see. The mountains and stars at night – there’s nothing like it. I also think if I went to college there for four years right now, my GPA and bank account would have taken a severe hit. The skiing, the sports, the weed, and now the gambling. As if you needed another reason to visit, the Centennial State signed Proposition DD in November of 2019, legalizing sports betting across Colorado.

The legal matters are out of the way, and the public vote concluded in favor of the bill. Now, each sportsbook operator must receive approval to go fully live in Colorado. We expect wagering on sports to be fully legal in the state by the beginning of May, with the addition of different books as online gambling evolves. (DraftKings/FanDuel Sportsbooks, etc.)

Here is everything you need to know as we anticipate the return of sports to with the launch of legal sportsbooks in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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Can I Bet on Sports in Colorado?

Not just yet. But Colorado sportsbooks are expected to be up and running by May 1st. Whether there will be more to bet on aside from Sri Lankan Cricket and Professional Chinese Baseball is still to be determined. But, there is something to look forward to.

Where Does Betting Tax Revenue Go?

Colorado casinos are taxed 10% of their earnings on a yearly basis that is reportedly expected to reach between $15-30 million dollars a year. Where is all this money going? Well, a handful of the money will go towards the Colorado Water Plan and the projects that entails. The rest of it will go towards funds such as gambling addiction services, casino cities, community colleges, and more.

How Did the Voting Process Work?

The citizens of Colorado voted on Proposition DD back in November of 2019. Due to the Colorado law that states any change that increases taxes has to be voted on by the public. But 50.8% of voters voted in favor of the bill passing in their state.

Is Mobile Sports Betting Legal in Colorado?

Mobile sports betting will be legalized as soon as all sportsbooks are opened in Colorado. With all of this likely to kick off next month, we don’t know exactly which DFS and online sportsbook applications will be available in Colorado. But mobile betting will be legal and available in many capacities. This will be monitored by a phone GPS system that will not allow you to place a bet on any device outside of Colorado, citizen or not.

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How Many Casinos Are There in Colorado Right Now?

There are currently 33 casinos in Colorado that offer games such as Poker, Craps, Blackjack, and more. These same casinos will soon allow you to walk in and wager on your favorite professional or college sports team. All 33 of these casinos have been granted permission to apply for a license that would then allow them to take bets on sporting events.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Bet on Sports in Colorado?


If you didn’t have a reason to anticipate the comeback of sports before, the fact that sports fans and gamblers likely be able to walk into a casino, have a beer, and live-bet on a game while watching it should be enticing in itself. Sooner than later, we’ll be living in a sports world where there is more to look forward to at night than watching professional athletes play H.O.R.S.E. and NBA 2K20. The state of Colorado will be ready for us when that day comes.

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