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The Three Most Popular Types of Bookmakers

The Three Most Popular Types of Bookmakers

So you want to start your descent into the enchanting world of sports betting.? Well first, you’re going to need somebody to book your action. Luckily for you, with the widespread legalization of sports gambling, you have many options to choose from. It doesn't matter where you’re located, there is likely a sportsbook within driving distance. However, not all bookies are built the same. Every bookie has its positives and negatives and it's important to decide what type is best suited for your needs. Typically, there are three types of bookmakers.

Old School Bookmakers

Because of Hollywood movies such as Casino and Goodfellas, the word “bookie” in my mind has become synonymous with the image of a seedy middle-aged Italian man with a thick accent and a baseball in hand. Despite this stereotype, most underground bookies can range in age from a high school kid to a retired, 80-year-old grandpa. These types of bookies are unlicensed individuals that are usually found by word of mouth. We all know “that guy.” This type of bookie is slowly becoming obsolete as states across the U.S. start legalizing sports betting. However, there will still be bookies like this in some capacity. If you are going to go down this route, there are some things to consider.

It’s hard to argue the convenience factor that these types of bookies offer – I mean, who doesn't like the ability to text a pick to your bookie while you're on the toilet? The truth is, this type of bookie should be avoided. The biggest reason to take your action elsewhere is that there is no legal recourse for a bookie that doesn't pay. If you ever win big and they don't pay, you are SOL.

Sportsbooks in Casinos

This type of bookmaker is becoming the most preferred option in the sports betting community. Usually, a sportsbook is allocated to a part of an already well-established casino. These bookmakers can be found nationwide and usually not more than a couple of hours’ drive from you. If you end up taking a trip to one of these, you will not be disappointed. These sportsbooks are usually decked out with multiple large-screen TVs and reclinable chairs. Most people choose to do business here because just being in one of these rooms is an experience in itself. Hey, at least the casinos are using grandma's social security for the greater good.

The biggest downside sportsbooks are facing right now is that not all states allow mobile sports betting. If you are not interested in the alluring sights of a sportsbook and want to make wagers from the convenience of your couch, you better hope you're in a state that allows it.


This type of bookmaker has been around for a couple of decades now. There is a large selection of betting sites available to deposit into. When these bookmakers first started popping up, it was like the wild west of online gambling. There were very few, if any, regulations surrounding online sports betting. These sites are usually the choice of those that reside in a state that has still not legalized mobile sports betting. This is a very competitive industry and there are a number of options to choose from. The online sites recognize this and they offer great bonuses to new and existing members.

Most of these sites have improved throughout the years and are safe and reliable. They offer multiple ways to deposit and withdraw and are typically thought of as safe and reliable. With that being said, they have not always been. There have been some scummy online sportsbooks in the past, especially those offering poker rooms. I would advise anyone currently using one of these off-shore sites to switch over to a domestic bookie once your state starts offering mobile betting. You will probably be safe to continue placing bets, but there's something comforting knowing you can talk to a customer service rep face-to-face if you ever needed to.

Once you decide on a bookie that fits your particular needs, head over to The Odds Factory for our gambling guides, as well as some extra advice and tips. Don't worry we won't smash your kneecaps if you can't pay because well there's nothing to pay for. Everything we offer is FREE!

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