What Bettors Need to Know About Wagering on the Masters

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What Bettors Need to Know About Wagering on the Masters

What Bettors Need to Know About Wagering on the Masters Tournament - Xander Schauffele & Patrick Cantlay - The Masters Tournament
The Masters are on Sunday, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Dustin Johnson has a chance to hang onto his lead and win it all on Sunday. Patrick Cantlay is an underrated underdog who could bring an upset to the Masters Tournament. And there are half a dozen golfers who could bring the drama to Sunday’s game. However, there are two big clouds hanging over Sunday’s Masters. Tiger Woods is still in the hospital, and details about his car crash are beginning to come out. The Masters is also trying to figure out how to respond to Georgia’s voter suppression laws. It all adds to the Masters drama simmering beneath the pristine veneer of a golf contest. All this drama lends itself to a wide range of sports bets. We’ll give you the highlights in this prepper for Sunday’s Masters Tournament.

The Favorite Players

For bettors interested in picking the overall winner, understanding the favorites are important. The favorites to win it all tend to dominate the other sports betting categories, too. So, if you’re familiar with these names, you have a good chance at making a winning pick:
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Jon Rahm
  • Justin Thomas
  • Jordan Spieth
  • Rory McIlroy
Some of these names are easy to understand. Dustin Johnson is the current front runner. But everyone on this list is a recognizable name to somebody who follows golf. They’re certainly safe picks for bettors who elect to pick top 20 winners instead of outright winners. But without Tiger Woods in the mix, it really is anyone’s game in this round of the Masters.

Our Underdog Options

While there’s always room for an upset, some underdogs are more likely than others. In our minds, there are two underdogs who deserve particular attention: Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele. Patrick Cantlay is underrated. The NBC Golf Channel reports that he almost won the Masters in 2019 and only finished outside the top 20 once in 2020. His technical prowess is noteworthy, but it still falls behind the front runners. Despite the talent ahead of him, victory isn’t completely out of reach. If anyone can create an upset on Sunday, Patrick Cantlay could. Xander Schauffele is interesting because of his blunt and honest strategizing. In a Golf Digest interview, he discussed his strategy for going against players who can hit farther distances than he can. He’s made peace with the fact that he’ll always hit shorter than some of the front runners. In that same interview, he’s quoted saying that “Bryson [DeChambeau]’s wrists are probably as thick as [his] forearms.” But understanding that weakness has caused him to focus on other aspects of his game that can help him compensate. Anyone counting on him to win must also bet on his ability to come through with a strategy that takes his weaknesses into account. But that self-awareness is encouraging to see in any underdog.

What Other Types Of Bets Are There?

Golf betting is about more than picking winners from the entire league. You’ll also find lines on golfers set head-to-head, whether golfers will make or miss the cut, and many prop bets. Instead of picking a winner of the whole tournament, you can choose between two golfers. Group bets pair golfers off, so you can pick the better finishing position between the two. (Sportsbooks will set terms for how they’ll handle ties. You will probably get your stake back, but you might have an option to bet on a tie.) These look more like traditional moneyline bets. Betting on whether golfers will make the cut or not is another way to pick a winner with reduced risk. You just have to decide whether a certain golfer will make it to the next Masters round. These look like moneylines, too. A player’s yes or no will either be positive or negative and either large or small. But in this type of bet, players compete against themselves. Finally, you’ll have more prop bets to choose from than you’ll know what to do with. First, there are the types of prop bets available, including:
  • Golfer props
  • Tournament props
  • Nationality props
  • Hole-in-One props
Golfer props include bets on how many strokes, birdies, or eagles a golfer will make during the tournament. Tournament props focus on tournament stats, like the cut line score or the winning margin. Nationality props are bets on the top-performing player in a given nationality. These also come with a top-four option. Finally, hole-in-one props focus on how many – or few – holes in one we’ll see at the Masters. Anyone betting for fun has many fun bets to choose from.

Betting At The Masters Tournament

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning your Masters bets. You’ll have to decide whether you favor any of the front runners or whether you have faith in an underdog. We have our favorites and underdogs that we’re banking on. But we also like surprises. And there is certainly no shortage of bets to make on the Masters. If you don’t want to bet on a player, you can bet on the tournament score or another stat that you think you can call. There are many ways to strategize at the sportsbooks and make smart bets on the Masters Tournament. This should’ve given you a good place to start. But if you want to read through our Gambling 101 guides, you can brush up on some more basics to make even better choices.

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