Zach to the Rack NBA Playoff Picks For Wednesday 6/23/2021

June 23, 2021by Zach Selwyn0
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Zach to the Rack NBA Playoff Picks For Wednesday 6/23/2021

Zach to the Rack NBA Playoff Picks For Wednesday 6/23/2021: Trae Young vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Atlanta Hawks @ Milwaukee Hawks

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As they say on TikTok: “Sheeeesh.” (This would be my SportsCenter catchphrase this week if they ever decide to bring me back.) It’s playoff basketball in the NBA and I can pick winners, but I just can’t seem to cover spreads. I have had a rather embarrassing post-season so far. That didn’t change last night, but still…WHAT A GAME! I do feel bad for Paul George for missing free throws – but I feel better for Deandre Ayton for that awesome game-winning dunk. (For the record, I’ve known Pat Beverley is the most annoying player on the court for years, and ”Mr. 94-Feet” can now call himself “Mr. I Broke Devin Booker’s Nose.”) Zach to the Rack NBA Playoff Picks For Wednesday 6/23/2021: Atlanta Hawks @ Milwaukee Bucks – Devin Booker - Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Clippers - Patrick Beverley Broke Devin Booker's Nose I sure hope Kendall Jenner doesn’t break up with Booker. Then again, her family is used to nose alterations, so maybe it’s just par for the course. Tonight, we are going to watch Ice Trae and the Atlanta Hawks battle the Milwaukee Bucks. I am the first to admit that I have NOT WON ONE DOLLAR betting the Hawks this year. Trae Young just continues to surpass all expectations, so tonight, what will we see from the Hawks’ superstar? If he scores 40, I’d be less surprised than I was yesterday when The New York Times announced that there was “no tuna DNA” in Subway’s Tuna Sandwich. William Hill RF500 - 728x90

Atlanta Hawks @ Milwaukee Bucks: Atlanta +8 (-110)

Point Total: Under 226 (-115)

Giannis and company played a more balanced overtime in Game 7 than the Brooklyn Nets last week, and that was the difference-maker in an epic semifinal. Middleton is as confident as Giannis, and the Bucks can be pretty scary when firing on all cylinders. But so can the Hawks. I can only assume that the 8-point spread is based on the fact that the Hawks are a 5-seed, but I think it’s WAY too big. I think Milwaukee may win, but not by 8. TAKE THE HAWKS. “K'Von” Huerter is America’s favorite redhead since Carrot Top, and should Trae avoid his shooting woes carrying over from Game 7 versus the 76ers, this is a W for the A. 226 points is a lot. The over burned me last night in Phoenix, and I think the UNDER is a smart bet here. Game Ones are either high-powered shootouts or defensive clinics, and I’m gonna say this game will be tighter than the gauze shoved up Booker’s nose last night. Take the HAWKS and the UNDER and maybe Trae can break my 0-Atlanta season wide open in Game 1… PointsBet - Deposit Bonus Up to $250

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