Who’s The Greatest NFL Quarterback Of All Time? – Part II

March 26, 2021by Anthony George0
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Who’s The Greatest NFL Quarterback Of All Time? – Part II

Who’s The Greatest NFL Quarterback Of All Time? – Part II - Super Bowl XXXI - Brett Favre vs. Willie McGinest - Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots

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You’re still here? That’s great news. You must be a Doug Flutie or Falcons fan. Either way – I’m happy to have you back. Some of you might be disagreeing with my choices so far, and it’s totally understandable. Listen, I laid it out in part one. This is going to be a ridiculous, extremely biased countdown. Yes, the facts are true but they don’t matter as much as my personal opinion. That’s really the bottom line. So let’s continue on with this shit show and count down to the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

Who's The Greatest NFL Quarterback Of All Time? – Part II

8. Brett Favre

Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time: Brett Favre - Green Bay Packers

When I hear the phrase “Gun-Slinger,” Hall of Famer Brett Favre immediately comes to mind. He had one of the strongest arms in the game and wasn’t afraid to let the pigskin fly. It’s no mystery why John Madden was obsessed with him – Favre was wicked fun to watch.

Brett Favre blessed us NFL fans with twenty years of football, spanning across four different franchises. He had one hell of a career. Let’s take a look at his accomplishments during his prime years – which were 1995-1997.

After joining Packers he was...

  • Crowned the MVP, three years running
  • Won a Super Bowl
  • Tied the NFL record for longest passing touchdown
  • Led the NFL in passing touchdowns three straight years

Later Years

After fizzling out in Green Bay, he still continued to make a splash in the record books. Here are some more notable accomplishments during his golden years.

  • Holds the record for most consecutive starts
  • First player to beat all 32 NFL teams
  • Cracked Joe Montana’s playoff record for most pass completions and yards

So why isn’t Favre ranked higher on this countdown? Despite my raving review of the old gritty bastard, there’s one main flaw I can’t overlook. He holds the NFL record for most interceptions – and by a lot. Perhaps the all-or-nothing mentality he played with his entire career wasn’t such a great thing. Sorry Favre, as much as I love you, this can’t be overlooked. To be considered the greatest quarterback of all time, you can’t be the king of turnovers.

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7. Dan Marino

Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time: Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins

This is not very surprising, but Dan “The Dolphin Man” cracked my top ten. Sure, nobody calls him that except for me, but it’s catchy isn’t it? How can I not include the Miami Dolphins legend in this article? Dan Marino was known for his football IQ and his poise in the pocket. Despite being a statue behind the offensive line, he was elusive enough to frustrate defenders and avoid sacks. Hence why he currently holds the record for lowest sack percentage. After choosing to join the Miami Dolphins rather than play for the team that drafted him, he went on to play a hearty 17 seasons in the NFL before calling it quits. Let’s take a look at Dan The Dolphin Man’s achievements. This is my article, get used to me calling him that.

His Rookie Year

Despite riding the bench for six games, Dan Marino still managed to set records his rookie year. Not only did he set team highs for pass completions, he became the only rookie to lead the conference in passing yards. Even better, he made the Pro Bowl and led the Dolphins to the playoffs. Falling short of winning the Super Bowl that year, he had the best rookie season you could ask for. He would continue to dominate defenses and lead the league in completions and passing yards multiple times in his career.

The Elephant in the Room

Dan Marino is probably the best quarterback to have ever played the game but with nothing to show for it. He led the Dolphins to the playoffs a whopping 10 of the 17 seasons he was at the helm. We all see the giant elephant in the room, but I guess I still have to state it. Despite all this success, he never won a Super Bowl. And this isn’t his fault by the way. He’s one of the best quarterbacks skill-wise to ever play the game. He just never had the help he needed to put the Dolphins over the top. How can you be the GOAT without a ring? You can’t. To put it bluntly, Dan Marino was a winner – until he needed to win.

You made it to the end. I hope you’re not a Packers or Dolphins fans because I doubt I’ll see you here next week for Part Three. Actually, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @AJGIII07. If you have an issue with my selections, let me know. I have like 70 followers – I have nothing to lose.

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