AFC 2021 Futures Betting: AFC South Division

June 11, 2021by Anthony George0
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AFC 2021 Futures Betting: AFC South Division

AFC 2021 Futures Betting - AFC South Division: Derrick Henry vs. Kenny Moore II - Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts

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Tennessee Titans: 11-5

Indianapolis Colts: 11-5

Houston Texans: 4-12

Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-15

The Titans and Colts were the only teams to actually have a chance at winning the AFC South Division last year. There have been some developments surrounding the other two teams, and that could definitely shake things up going forward. All lines are currently positive, which means there is no clear-cut favorite. Let’s break down which team is worth risking your hard-earned money on. The following lines for these division futures bets will be pulled from PointsBet unless otherwise noted.

Colts Odds to Win the AFC South Division: +110

The Colts were one of the teams to land a new quarterback during the carousel of signal-callers this offseason. Carson Wentz rejoins Frank Reich in Indianapolis. Wentz broke out in the 2016-2017 season under him, and the Colts are hoping they can rekindle that fire. While they had a nice run with Old Man Rivers, the Bills eventually ousted them in the postseason. I don’t think the loss of Rivers and the addition of Wentz changes this team much. The strong point of this offense wasn’t the quarterback position. Sure, the veteran presence that Rivers brought to the team was great, but it was the skill players around him that really made the difference. The Colts have a ton of young talent, and they all seemed to break out at the same time. Jonathan Taylor and Pittman Jr. had amazing rookie seasons and should only get better with time.

Is There Any Value?

What I like about this team is that it’s very well-rounded. The defense is good, not great, and the offense has enough firepower to perch itself atop the AFC South. With that being said, why is this team tied for the favorite to win the division? Do the sportsbooks really think Wentz linking up with Reich will produce another season like before? I’m not in that camp. There are much better odds with the other teams, so save your money and fade the Colts this year.

Texans Odds to Win the AFC South Division: +3000

The once-dominant Texans have found themselves as the biggest underdogs of the AFC South. It seems like every year they are shipping off their best players for peanuts. Both DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt found a new home in Arizona, and now this situation with Watson is really bad. While this offense isn’t totally helpless, it's quite bare bones. The roster leans heavily on the experience of the veteran players and doesn’t have any exciting young players to help them become competitive.

Is There Any Value?

All arrows point to Watson missing the season. If this happens, they have no chance of winning the division. With that said, 30-to-1 on your money is quite substantial. If by some miracle Watson were to be the starting quarterback – these odds would be a gift to any bettor who was brave enough to take them. I’m going to throw some money on this line but not much. One unit is the max, and even then I’m not too hopeful. William Hill RF500 - 728x90

Jaguars Odds to Win the AFC South Division: +800

Losing every game but one last year, it’s safe to say that the Jaguars have nowhere to go but up. You might love Minshew for his personality, but it’s obvious that he was not the solution last year. Despite the team finishing with a 1-15 record, there was a silver lining. The horrendous season allowed the Jags to draft the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. This is a defining moment for the franchise. Not only do they have this amazing opportunity to cash in on the number one pick, but the team also struck gold with free agent James Robinson. This dude can ball. He was the entire offense last year. What’s even better is that, by sucking so bad, the Jags drafted Travis Etienne, adding even more talent to this backfield.

Is There Any Value?

This is going to be a very popular team to bet on. Call me a square, but I love this team's chances to make a splash next year. Their offense is primed to do a complete 180 and have every chance of surprising the division. The fact that I can bet on Trevor Lawrence and still get an 8-1 return on my money is fantastic. I will be throwing some money on this line for sure.

Titans Odds to Win the AFC South Division: +110

Derrick Henry. What an animal. This dude is a deadly combination of speed and power. He constantly makes defenders look silly, stiff-arming them into the ground every Sunday. Just like Henry himself, this entire offense is unstoppable once it gets off to a running start. The only glaring issue this team had last year was when they fell behind. While A.J. Brown is a stud, this offense is built around the run game. They simply couldn’t lean on Henry while chasing points. With the recent acquisition of Julio Jones, this addresses that Achilles’ heel. This offense is going to be scary good.

Is There Any Value?

This is truly a pick your poison scenario, and I will be chugging the Kool-Aid by the gallon. I am all in on this Titans team. Ryan Tannehill has only impressed since leaving Miami and seems to have no plans on slowing down. He has two of the best receiving threats in the league and the rushing leader as a supporting cast. This isn’t just my pick to win the division – it’s my dark horse to win the Super Bowl. This concludes the AFC South. Next week we’ll break down the AFC East featuring the reinvented Buffalo Bills. By the way – If you’re not following us on Twitter and tailing our NBA playoff picks – you’re throwing money away. Don’t miss out any longer. PointsBet - Deposit Bonus Up to $250

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