NFL 2021 Futures Betting: NFC West Division

May 21, 2021by Anthony George0
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NFL 2021 Futures Betting: NFC West Division

NFL 2021 Futures Betting - NFC West Division: Kyler Murray vs. Ugo Amadi - Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks
970x90 BetMGM Sportsbook - Article - Risk-Free Bet $600 There were high hopes for all of these teams in the NFC West Division last season. Unfortunately for a couple of these NFL teams, injuries erased any chance of making the playoffs – let alone winning the division. Looking ahead to this season, most of these teams are loaded with talent and all have a chance to be division winners. Let’s look back at how each team finished last year:

Los Angeles Rams: 10-6

San Francisco 49ers: 6-10

Seattle Seahawks: 12-4

Arizona Cardinals: 8-8

The following lines for these division futures bets will be pulled from William Hill unless noted otherwise.

Rams Odds to Win the NFC West Division: +180

The Rams are the favorite and understandably so. They are loaded with weapons on offense. Kupp, Woods, and Jackson are all burners and have the potential to torch defenses every game. They have a great one-two punch with running back duo Akers and Henderson. While it’s nice to have all these weapons, we all know that this offense lives and dies at the quarterback position. Matt Stafford joined the team via trade and could definitely provide the experience a veteran QB brings to the team. However, the glue that holds this team together is the defensive unit. They were ranked number one last year due to the anchor, Aaron Donald. Donald is an absolute monster, and he alone is a good reason to take them to win the division.

Is There Any Value?

At +180, I don't think so. While this is a solid roster and the Rams are in “win it now” mode – I don’t think this team actually does it. Even though they finished second in the division with mediocre quarterback play from Jared Goff, I don't think Stafford takes them to the next level the first year he's there. Even veteran quarterbacks have a learning curve and need some time to adjust. Save your money and consider the other teams in the division.

49ers Odds to Win the NFC West Division: +200

The 49ers have an interesting situation at the moment. The team was hammered with injuries last year and finished well below .500. They drafted Trey Lance in the 2021 NFL draft, and as of right now, it looks like a true quarterback competition. Regardless of which quarterback starts next season, they should be able to improve on their record. That is unless they get the injury bug again. Looking at the 49ers’ offense now, it's obvious that they have an elite receiving core. Kittle is a big target, and his possession skills move the chains with ease. Aiyuk absolutely exploded last year and should continue to thrive in this offense. Mostert proved he could be an every-down back and should be an excellent complement to either Lance or Garoppolo.

Is There Any Value?

Not at +200. The biggest issue I have is the quarterback position. If Garoppolo wins the job, I don’t think he provides much upside for the team. We’ve seen him behind center for a couple of years now coming over from New England, and he’s been mediocre at best. So what about Trey Lance? He's young and provides the upside this team needs to lock down the division. Well sure, but even if he is the starting quarterback all year, there’s no guarantee that he hits that potential his rookie year. Everything would have to line up perfectly for him, and that defense would need to show its 2019 colors. I just don’t see the value with this line. William Hill RF500 - 728x90

Seahawks Odds to Win the NFC West Division: +280

The Seahawks get disrespected each year with these futures. Why are last year's division winners paying out +300 on your money? Here’s a fun fact: Wilson has never lost to Stafford in his career. Does that mean that the trend carries over to a new season with a new team? I don't know, but this line is just slander. This offensive unit broke franchise records last year. Russ started out HOT last season, and he’s got arguably the most talented wide receiver duo in the league. However, the Seahawks do have liabilities. That putrid offensive line and that defense are not great. On the defensive side, they lost Shaq Griffin and still need to lock down Wright to really solidify the LB position.

Is There Any Value?

If you’re looking for value, you found it. Maybe I’m a square bettor, but this line is too good to pass up. Throw a couple of units on it. They have the best strength of schedule within the division and at +280, you can’t pass it up.

Cardinals Odds to Win the NFC West Division: +575

This team was really fun to watch last season. There’s something majestic about the way that Murray runs around the field like a tiny acrobat – juking grown men and sliding to avoid massive hits. His connection with Hopkins is great, and the “Hail Murray” pass will go down as one of the best plays in Cardinals history. Last season, this team finished at exactly .500. It’s a little surprising because it seemed like they were constantly putting up double digits against their opponents. Last season, Arizona’s defense was the 12th-ranked unit. Boy, did they get a massive upgrade with the addition of J.J. Watt. While he won’t make them the top defense in the league all by himself, he provides leadership and a solid foundation – exactly what this defense needs.

Is There Any Value?

This is my favorite NFC West team to take a shot on. Sure, Murray had an outstanding season and he’s due to regress, but by how much? Hopkins has proven to be an elite receiver, and Murray’s mobility is a threat on every play. This defense was above average last year, and the signing of Watt makes me even more confident. At +575, you can’t go wrong locking this line in. This wraps up the NFC West division. If you can't get enough sports analysis, make sure to follow us on Twitter. We provide NBA smart money picks each week and have some exciting things in the pipeline. PointsBet - Deposit Bonus Up to $250

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