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How to Bet the Super Bowl Novelty Props

Super Bowl Novelty Prop Bets: Tyreek Hill - Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Super Bowl LV is only a week away. While Bucs and Chiefs fans anxiously await to see whether or not their team becomes world champions – I on the other hand, excitedly wait for one thing – novelty prop bets. For the new bettors out there, keep reading to learn more about these types of bets and which ones I can't get enough of.

What Is A Novelty Bet?

Novelty bets are a type of prop bet that you typically don't have a chance to partake in during regular-season NFL games. While you can find countless amounts of prop bets for NFL games throughout the season, they remain somewhat limited. You might see the usual prop bets such as the first touchdown scorer, total touchdowns, and longest field goal, but novelty bets are unique. They are available for only the marquee events and provide the bettor with a nontraditional type of wager. These entertainment bets can range from the classic coin flip to the not-so-classy “Will there be a wardrobe malfunction during the Halftime Show?” – Thanks for that, Janet Jackson. Yee-Hee! With that said, I am an absolute sucker for these types of bets. Why might you ask? Well, they satisfy the degenerate gambler inside me. These novelty prop bets allow me to act upon the urge to wager on ridiculous outcomes, which are mostly decided by chance. Here are some of my favorite novelty props for Super Bowl LV.

The Ol’ Trusty Coin Toss – Heads (-102)

As I mentioned previously, the coin flip prop bet has been around as long as novelty bets have existed. Some people prefer this prop because of its simplicity. For me, I see it like the starting pistol shot at the commencement of a race. This bet marks the beginning of a special day, packed full of gambling. Despite being simple and straightforward, it’s actually not a bad place to throw money. The odds tied to this bet are probably the best you will see compared to other novelty props. This is due to the chances of the outcome being a true 50/50. If you look at recent history, it has landed on tails 6 out of the last 7 Super Bowls. While I might be falling into the trap of the old gambling fallacy, the head side is due to win.

Total Players to Attempt a Pass – Over 2.5 (+155)

Ever since the “Philly Special” was coined in Super Bowl 2018, this prop bet is almost always offered as a Super Bowl novelty bet. You are basically wagering on whether or not any player besides the starting quarterbacks will attempt a forward pass. I absolutely love this prop, and I’ll tell you why. We have two coaches Sunday that are well-known to be aggressive play-callers and to constantly push the envelope when scheming up offensive plays. Both Andy Reid and Bruce Arians are well aware of their offensive talent. Both teams’ depth charts have speed all over the field. This sets up a perfect for a WR option play. I can see it now. Hardman receives the handoff and hits a streaking Tyreek Hill down the field. Another reason why I will be betting on this prop is because of potential injury. If Brady or Mahomes happen to get injured, just one pass from the backup QB would win us the bet. Considering Mahomes has been battling a few ailments the past few weeks and Brady is 43, this is totally possible.

Final Play Is A QB Kneel – No (+159)

The idea behind this novelty bet is that the winning team will possess the ball last and end the game by kneeling out the clock. Although this is a common occurrence, there are plenty of situations where the winning team does not have control of the ball to end the game. If you believe this will be the scenario, this prop offers great value. Vegas believes this game will be relatively close because the spread is currently set at 3. If this does happen to be a competitive game, there are a couple of situations to hope for. For starters, the trailing team needs to have possession of the ball last. If this is the case, the time would need to expire while they attempt a field goal, a Hail Mary, or if a turnover occurs. It’s important to reiterate that novelty props are almost always determined by chance. So don't go crazy and bet half your bankroll on them. Dropping only a unit allows you to get some skin in the game, while also being responsible. This year's Super Bowl is jam-packed with a variety of novelty prop bets. Visit The Odds Factory to discover more types of props we love, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @AJGIII07.

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