I Don’t Need To Win, I Just Want To Watch

May 28, 2020by Doc Greenfield0
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I Don’t Need To Win, I Just Want To Watch

Sports Return from COVID-19: Jets Fans

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Though I am a New York sports fan, I have a shot of adrenalin this week as both the NHL and MLB have announced more updates/plans for resuming play. Of course, the NHL’s new lottery system has been criticized for being a free-for-all. The MLBPA has shown signs of balking at the financial proposal from the MLB, and I have gone my entire life without seeing any of my teams (Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers) win a championship, but I still have to get excited about sports after the hiatus! So let's look at when and how different sports will return from COVID-19.

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Here's Why:

Even though there have been imperfect resolutions and negotiations with leagues – and all of my favorite teams actually suck – the lack of something to root for is helping me realize that losing is better than nothing at this point! With the exception of the Patriots and the cheating Astros, I think all sports fans and organizations would have to agree. Give us some action!

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Sometimes it takes a losing fan to remind everyone why having hope for each individual game outweighs the hopelessness of winning a championship. Believe me, the last thing I want is another year of humiliation as a NY sports fan.

Pandemic or no pandemic, my friends still text me "Butt Fumble" daily so I’m all good on that front. I want sports to return from COVID-19 because the combined energy of looking forward to kick-off all week for 16 weeks outweighs the disappointment of no playoff run. Each game is a fresh start. Now more than ever it feels like we’re chronically losing. Public health, the economy, undoubtedly marriages, etc. We wake up and it seems like whatever happened yesterday screwed us for today. I just want a moment in each day where the damn score is 0-0.

I also want to get back to betting because putting money against my teams is as lucrative as being Robert Kraft’s lawyer.

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